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Student exchange November 6th to November 8th

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Having just been to the States not even two weeks ago I felt very comfortable with being a host myself.

I actually already had some experience because about a year and a half ago I had been a host to my now dear friend Gabrielle who had been on the first exchange with our partners from Michigan. When we stayed there a while ago I then stayed with her. Which was awesome because we had kept in touch over the time, so it felt like visiting an old friend.
Last year nobody other than the ones involved as a host student and the teachers who had planed the exchange had really known about our partner school in the US. This year it was a bit different. We had a bigger welcome ceremony which included the school choir, a speech from our principal and a speech from one of our students who had been to Michigan.

Then we got to meet our guest students while having a little snack from the little buffet our students had made. I had written my guest student Ava, who was as old as me and in the junior year of Adams high school in Rochester Hills, an e-mail. So she’d have a little more information about me than my name and age. After the first contact we texted a bit but to be honest I like it more to get to know a person when I’m face to face with them and, because we only had less than two weeks between getting their e-mail address and actually meeting them.

When we met in in person Ava and I got along very well. My friends, who had joined us, and I talked with her for a while and had a great time, then we went home. She is a very nice person, I’m sure all of the exchange students are, so befriending her was very easy. We talked about music, Ava is in the Marching Band of her school and plays the drums, and the differences in our lives for the whole evening. It was a very interesting conversation and I made a new friend, so I can only encourage others taking the opportunity of volunteering in this program as well. The next day we went to school together and she went to my first two classes with me, Biology and the students counsel meeting. Then in the third period the ate lunch and had some free time while I went to my German class. After that we went home to then explore Berlin a bit.

My mum and I took her to Alexanderplatz, getting there was an adventure on its own because the trains did not go where they were supposed to go because of some problems. But we made it and we did a city tour from Alexanderplatz to the Brandenburg gate via the Straße unter den Linden.

Because it gets dark so early this time of the year the lights made it very beautiful. And Ava really liked the pretty old buildings. Then we got to the Brandenburg gate we looked at the exhibition for the 30th anniversary of the coming down of the Berlin Wall. The thousands of letters from people wishing for freedom and unity hung on wires above us. It was very impressing and we all had a very good time.
After looking at the exhibition for a while we went to one of our favourite restaurants.

It was a pity that on Friday they had to go already! I took her to school with me again and we had to say goodbye. But I will definitely keep in touch with her.

I love meeting new people, especially when they from a whole different place than me. It’s very exiting and I can only encourage everyone else to take such a possibility when you have the chance. I have not yet met anyone who regretted being involved in our exchange program with the American students.

Amy Haußner

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