Aktuelles (Schule)

The trip began on October 20th 2019 at Tegel Airport in Berlin. There was no direct flight to Detroit so we had a stopover in Frankfurt. After a 14-hour trip we finally arrived at Van Hoosen Middle School, where our host families surprised us with big self-made placards. We were all very excited to meet each other. After the little welcome reception we set off „home“.

On Monday we had our first day of American school. We attended our host siblings’ classes to get an own impression of a typical American school day.
In the afternoon we spent time with our host families (for example: went shopping, to a football game, to a restaurant, …). The next two days were basically the same.
But: School in the states is different. The classrooms often look more like living rooms and they are mostly air-conditioned. Kids there have the same six subjects every single day, usually for a whole year. A lesson lasts about an hour, the breaks (apart from lunch break) are only five minutes long. The school day begins at 7.40 and ends at 2.22. Extra-curriculars can take place before or after school. If you are a member of the marching band, for example, you might have to be at school at 6.30 already!

Our teachers from Tagore visited us at school to see how we’re doing, what the schools look like and how their American colleagues work there. We were scattered all around the district attending seven different schools, and our teachers visited two schools per day.

Field trips were planned for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

At around 11:30 am on Wednesday, a school bus picked us up and drove us to Van Hoosen Farm. During the bus ride we shared our stories with other students of our group. There was a guide we had and it was very interesting to get information about this place. We also saw many colorful trees and beautiful nature. This place was breathtaking. We spent about two hours there and then were driven back to our schools. In the afternoon we spent time with our host families like on every other day.

I went to my first hockey game ever, which was very exciting. The Detroit Redwings had a game in the Little Ceasars arena in downtown Detroit.

On Thursday we visited the Henry Ford Museum and Downtown Detroit as well as the Canadian border. Group photos were taken in front of high buildings of Detroit and also in front of Canada and the Detroit River, which is the natural border between the two states. We also saw the Fisher Building and the Heidelberg Project.

On Friday, which was also our last full day in Detroit, we went to Yates Cider Mill where we got apple cider and donuts. It tasted very good!

After this we had the „Indian Summer Tour“, which was basically a walk through a colorful forest (Polly Ann Trail).
The nature in Michigan is the most beautiful nature I’ve ever seen. You can’t imagine how lovely this state is until you see it with your own eyes.
The last activity for our girls-only-group was shopping in a big outlet center. Saturday was the day to say goodbye to our host families. It was hard to do that because some of us felt like they had known them for years and it ended very emotionally…

written by Lena Nguyen

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