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Class trip to England 2019

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Our class (8.5) visited England from the 22nd to the 29th of March.
We met early in the morning at about 6:30 am. Everyone was excited. Then we started at 7 am. In the evening we arrived at Hoek of Holland at about 6 pm. Then we went into our cabins.

The next morning we got up early again because we had to leave the ferry. On our first day in England, we first visited Ely Cathedral. Then we went to Cambridge to take part in a city tour. We visited the Kings College and got to know the town. Afterwards we had free time. But the highlight of the day was still ahead of us. At 6 pm we first met our host families. Luckily, everyone had a nice family.

On the next day we visited the Imperial War Museum.
There were many planes and weapons. Then we went to St. Albans. We visited the Roman theatre and, of course, the cathedral.

On the 25th of March we first went to Warwick Castle. From the tower you had a wonderful view over the country. Afterwards we visited Stratford-upon-Avon, the hometown of William Shakespeare.

Tuesday was the highlight of the trip: London! After passing the Prime Meridian at Greenwich Observatory, we had a boat trip on the Thames. Then we watched sights and we had enough free time to go shopping.

On Wednesday we first visited Burghley House, a huge castle with a lovely garden. Then we went to Peterborough, which has a cathedral as well. On our way home we had a stop at a supermarket. We bought snacks for our trip to Berlin. On our last day in England we had some more time in Cambridge to say goodbye. Then we had a stop in Bury St. Edmunds, which also has…you name it…a cathedral and a beautiful garden.
After that it was time to go to the ferry. But the ferry was way too late. So we had to wait in the bus for hours until the ferry came. Actually, we could check in at 9 pm but we did not leave until 3 am. After a long waiting time we could finally go to bed. On Friday, unfortunately, we had to go back to Berlin. It was a very nice school trip that we will never forget.

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