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Tagore Night 2013

Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2013 um 14:50 Uhr von hluong


Was für eine Bedeutung hatte Tagore eigentlich in der Kultur? Diese Frage wird durch die Tagore Night 2013 in Göttingen beantwortet, die im Folgenden von der E-Mail von dem Inder Siddharth Ghosh vorgestellt wird.

Dear Tagore Schule:

We are hosting an academic and culture gathering on Tagore here in Goettingen, Germany. Although it is a small city but it is culturally dense. We have definitely good talents around with Hindustani (Indian) classical and Tagore. People are also into film and painting here. So we had a good documentary presentation on Gurudev just recently. The Tagore Night 2013 is an event supported by the Centre for Modern Indian Studies, Goettingen and the Nirmiti, Goettingen. The program will hold the following aspects:

1. Tagore’s song performance complied with exploring Hindustani classical and Western Music,
2. documentaries on Tagore,
3. art and rare photo exhibition of Tagore and
4. seminars on exceptional and unknown facts.

We are trying to gather eminent personalities who are working on Tagore in different genre. We shall be extremely glad if you kindly be a part of the festival and support us! We have received sound responses around the globe. We cordially invite you to be an active part of the program. Your contribution on Tagore’s work is regardless of any praise. We would be highly privileged if you support our journey and be with us.

The tentative date of the event is on around 15th and 16th March 2013. The rough flavor of the program is enclosed herewith.


With best regards,

On behalf of the Tagore Night 2013 Committee

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