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Ein Inder berichtet über das Holi-Fest

Montag, 16. April 2012 um 12:40 Uhr von skoeltz


HOLI!! A word that brings glimpses of colour, sweetness, beauty of life —all together.Well, to know about the origin of the word HOLI, we have to do a little bit of homework on Indian Mythology.”Holika” was one of the villains (as we may call her) of Indian mythology. She depicts the bad sides of human activities.

Prahlad,a good guy (may be regarded as the hero) destroyed the evil Holika.This incident of Good winning over bad is known as Holi.So holi sends us the message that evils are always defeated.
In Santiniketan, Holi is known as ‘Basantotsav’. ’Basanta’, which is a Bengali word, literally means spring. Spring comes after winter, bringing the charm of life and tide of activities, after the freezing, shivering, cold days.

In Santiniketan, we celebrate it elaborately. It starts with “Baitalik”, a prayer to the Supreme Being. Then there is a dance procession with the song “Ore Grihobashi, khol dar khol, laglo je Dol”. This is a Tagore song which tells people to come out of their houses and unite with others to celebrate “Basantotsav”. Another word for Holi is “Dol Yatra”. Then different departments of our university present their performances. They sing, they dance.

The programme ends with the song “Rangie Diye Jao Jao”. Then people start playing with colours.We smear each other with colours.The colour-powder which we use is known as “Aabir”.
In the evening a drama is performed by Sangit-Bhavana, the Music & Dance Department of our University.
Colours are essentials of life. A colourful life is what a person wants. A common proverb goes” It’s your life, make it large“ But what suits more is “It’s your life. Make it colourful.” Let’s blossom the different shades of colours in ourselves

– Sreyan Gosh

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